Glass Paintings


Since 1974 Massimo Cruciani has painted the extraordinarily beautiful landscape, with its many flowers and hilltop towns, right here in the heart of Italy between Umbria and Tuscany, where he lives and works. Within the medieval walls of Assisi, overlooking the vast green fields that stretch from Spoleto to Lake Trasimeno, amid the Renaissance rooftops of Montepulciano, surveying its endless hills, oak forests, and timeless olive trees, Massimo has been turning his hand to the glass, his gaze to the sky, his heart to the magic of this Tuscia region, and his head to the pictures he imagines.

As a consummate artist, he has always loved colour, developing his own palette while immersing himself in the local history; gathering knowledge over time through careful observation and a profound love for nature, in all its myriad forms and seasonal changes. Each of his paintings is designed from memory. Italy's green heart comes to life on his glass canvas, and travels across five continents like an everlasting memory of an unforgettable journey.

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