Glass Paintings



Our work arrives safely in most corners of the globe!

Our shipping company Logistics srl delivers your purchase directly to your home, wherever you are in the world.

Dear Mr. Cruciani,
On a recent trip to Italy we purchased two of your beautiful glass paintings.
At the time, I was concerned that they could not make it to Australia without being broken. I had your assurances, but they seemed so fragile. I need not have worried. They were as well packed as a gallery might pack the Mona Lisa for the same trip! They arrived in perfect condition and look even better here than at your place. There is not enough credit given in this world to people who do a really good job, people who believe this is the way to work. You have earned and deserve this credit. We have recommended you to a large number of people who visit our offices, and would be delighted to be a reference to your prospective clients, either through this letter, or by them contacting us directly.
We wish you every success in the future and look forward to hearing from you, so that we can buy more ourselves.
Yours sincerely, Anthony T. Maher, Sydney NSW, Australia

Prices are set according to the weight and dimensions of each piece. Our shipments include a custom-built wooden box and full insurance, covering the value of the painting together with the cost of shipping, and it usually takes between 6-8 weeks for your painting to arrive.
In the case of multiple items going to the same destination address, the cost of shipment for each successive smaller or equally sized piece is halved.
To ensure efficient service, please quote your full name, destination address and telephone number, which the courier can use to arrange a specific time with you.


Orders are accepted via email, phone or fax.
Please be sure to quote the title and size of the painting/s, referring to the images and information shown in our on-line Gallery.
If you would like a different perspective (horizontal/vertical) or size from those represented here, please specify your preference accordingly.

Paintings are available in the following price ranges, according to their creative complexity:

Price Range A: (more expensive)
Cities, City of the World, Rooftops, Cantico

Price Range B: (medium expensive)
Poppies, Sunflowers, Other Flowers, Landscapes with Poppies, Landscapes with Sunflowers, Rose Windows

Price Range C: (less expensive)
Tuscany and Umbria, Sacred Themes, Modern

Our price list is available on request.

Technical Notes

Massimo Cruciani paints directly onto the glass.

His finished pieces are usually mounted with the painted side inwards for extra protection and to facilitate cleaning. On request, we can mount them with the painted side outwards in a textured 'base relief' style.

Measurements listed here refer to the size of the painted glass (yellow area).

To calculate the final size of the picture including its frame, add between 6-9 cm / 2,4-3,6 inches onto each side, according to your chosen frame.

Umbria, LTU 13, cm 55 x 55 - in 22 x 22
actually with frame becomes 69 x 69 cm (28 x 28 in)


Our frames are tailor-made, environmentally friendly and completely eco-sustainable, as certified by our trusted framers:

Perugia 04/01/2015

This new collection of picture frames in Briarwood grain is the result of over thirty years of collaboration with our handicraft workshop. This new range is made entirely by hand in complete respect and care for the environment. The materials used, exclusively handcrafted, are entirely natural, including a layer of fir wood from sustainable forests, real poplar wood grain, PVA glues, waterproofing, shellac, and the final beeswax finish. These new frames maintain our uniform standards, but are all unique pieces in terms of design and wood grains, with those small variations that only characterise handcrafted pieces. We have created this new artisanal series exclusively for master glass painter Massimo Cruciani, with maximum flexibility and choices in colours and finishes that complement each artwork.